I finally got around to getting good photos taken. Eli Warren, in Greenville, SC, has been the photographer I have trusted with my work for several years. He has never disappointed me.

Thank you, Eli!

Green and Orange

Sticks and stones…and paper and string


KTroutman-5352_LowResSticks and stones and shells. Scrap fabric and wood. Things that might have been tossed, or ignored. Now they have a new, glamerous life being admired!




More scrap wood and wrapped sticks. Friends gave me some interesting shells from the beach and I love the contrast. I have 2 boards outside my front door now and they have weathered several storms with no damage. Love the look. I’m filling the walls in my house-that’s one grouping on the orangy walls-and the more I look at each one, the more I enjoy them. They have a meditative quality.

sticks Rescued these walking sticks and now besides offering balance during a walk, they make the walker highly visible. Plus they are FUN!

Found 2 chairs beings discarded and later a sweet round table. They seemed made for each other. I imagined them tucked up in a little bistro. Or someone’s sun porch. Someplace funky and hip. I used a sun/moon theme in my drawings. The table is split in sun/moon colors and all 3 pieces are embellished with beads.







screen A friend let me illustrate her new find; a bamboo screen rescue. Tree of life. Appropriate for something she saved from destruction

 An old chipped teapot I covered with paper mache and made into an art piece. Funky and fun.

  A client found an old teapot nestled in among the dinnerware and glasses in her mother’s attic. She gave it to me to make into an art piece for her daughter’s birthday. Her daughter loves teapots and art. Her daughter was smitten and I was as proud as any mother on graduation day!

_mg_0364_lowres This desk, left out in the weather, took a long time to repair, and while I was working on it, the legs made me think of wavy seaweed…so I dreamed of a mermaid. It’s on display at Common Ground and I hope to get a better photo once the weather cooperates with my work schedule. It has sea scenes all the way around, with a busty mermaid on the desk surface. I think it’s one of my best furniture pieces so far.




 This room screen/divider was painted on an old bamboo screen an artist friend found at Goodwill for a few bucks. It took a little effort to paint on woven bamboo, but that’s one of the things I love about drawing and painting on unusual surfaces.

 My friend Susan believes in the power of Joy and asked me to put her favorite things she associates with Joy in a circle.


Gourd eggs are individual. I draw designs on each one, no two are the same.

Gourd eggs are individual. I draw designs on each one, no two are the same.



My bistro set is on display at Kathleen’s Gallery in Saluda, NC. Wouldn’t this set be a fantastic Christmas present?


66 East Main Street
, NC , 28773


Also on display at Kathleen’s is a series of wall pieces I call :Sticks and Stone.” They are collections of sticks, stones, vines, feathers, and anything else I’ve collected that I find interesting. I make sculptural collages and now find myself looking at everything, no matter how small, as a bit of art, or piece of an art puzzle.

I made myself a challenge this year of making art only with what I have on hand. This has helped m focus on my immediate surroundings, and what treasures I’ve uncovered! Another wonderful result of this challenge is that so many of my friends find themselves looking for interesting bits of my puzzles, too. Amazing what we can see when we start looking. They bring me wood they’ve discarded from household projects, broken or discarded toys, second-hand bits of this and that they run across and think, “Katie could put this on her boards!”

My collages are joint efforts to  make things that have been discarded, or natural flora discovered in its own environment, and my imagination in the way I treat each bit of the puzzle. I find these pieces interesting to look at, and as relaxing, in their way, as music.


Display in Kathleen’s Gallery in Saluda, N.C.

print.white      Small white themed board,  14 inches tall, 4 inches widelarge.sticks

Outside, next to my front door.  About 3.5 feet tall, 8 inches wide. This piece of art makes me feel happy and energetic every time I go outside, and tells the world I’m interested!


This blog will be dedicated to showcasing my art. If the images aren’t the best quality at times, I apologize. Sometimes the art has already been delivered before I can get a professional photo, so i do the best I can!

I show a lot of my gourd art, but I make lots of different kinds of art. The Mermaid desk (not the best quality photo) is one my favorites right now. I am working on several pieces of furniture and hope to have them finished and photographed soon. They take a lot of time to clean, sand and turn into art but I always think it’s worth it.

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